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Lining from Larch 15x100

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Klasa: A, Brend: ARIX, : Price per square meter (m2),
3 540 RSD/m2
(Including tax)


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Larch paneling gives the sauna walls an aesthetically appealing, decorative look. Larch-wood paneling darkens over time and takes on a dark color, does not absorb dirt and always retains its beauty and unique texture.

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PROMOTION! Place an order through the site and get additional 3% DISCOUNT!


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On-line prodaja Lamperia for saunas - Cena Lining 15mm from Siberian Larch 3540 RSD Beograd. Karakteristike, opis, prikaz, fotografije za Lining 15mm from Siberian Larch. ISPORUKA Lining 15mm from Siberian Larch na teritoriji Srbije. Ponuda za Lining 15mm from Siberian Larch - Cene na našem sajtu se ažurirjau na svaki sat!
Lining from Larch 15x100
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The walls of the sauna or bath, lined with larch clapboard are preserving the accumulated heat for a long time.

Larch lining gives the walls of the bath an aesthetically appealing, decorative look..

Larch wood produces resin that is very beneficial to the human body. It is very important for bath rooms. And the fact that it is characterized by low thermal conductivity also serves to favor the choice of this type of lining. Leaning against the wall of the bath you do not risk getting burned, which is very important for complying with the basic safety regulations in bath rooms.

Larch lining has a pleasant appearance, but during using, wood can become darker. And the special climatic environment of the bath only contributes to this. Therefore, we recommend first qualitatively processing the wall panels with special materials.

The characteristic advantages of larch lining:

  • ease and speed of installation of the material;
  • relatively low cost of installation compared to similar finishing materials;
  • increased strength, good wear resistance;
  • aesthetic appearance, attractiveness;
  • durability;
  • resistant to fungi and putrefactive bacteria, resistant to moisture;
  • during the operation the wood does not turn blue, does not rot;
  • simplicity and simplicity of care during operation.

Thanks to its properties, larch wall paneling is very often used for finishing baths or saunas.

Larch contains a huge amount of natural antioxidants that help stop the aging process in the body.

From all of the above, you can make the only correct conclusion - larch lining is ideal for arranging the internal space of the bath. The same properties have a floor of larch.

Due to the feather / groove system and different dimensions of the profile width, as well as the possibility of combining them at the request of the architect / designer, there is a variation in the net / gross roof area, so that the exact calculation of the required amount of material , and the price per m2 is shown for the gross area of the profile.

Price per square meter (m2)
Proportions (mm):
15 x 100
Length (m):
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