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Projects made of our own materials

A glass door in a steam room or sauna is a very modern solution
Advantages of glass doors:
•    Glass, unlike wood, does not respond to high humidity and high temperatures.
•     Transparent doors increase brightness and visually expand the space.
•    The glass sauna door is not deformed under the influence of steam.
•    Absolute absence of spread from humidity and temperature.
•    Easy maintenance - after each use of the sauna, wipe with a dry cloth to remove moisture.
•    High mechanical strength of tempered glass.

A significant drawback of wooden doors is the possibility of deformation of their structure as a result of prolonged and intense exposure to steam and maximum temperatures, which leads to drying and swelling of the wood, which makes it worse to close and open. To prevent these unpleasant consequences, sauna doors must be treated with special means.

Sauna door, Finnish bath, Russian bath, Andres door.

Doors for Bath, Sauna, Hamam made of tempered glass and natural wood. These materials withstand the effects of steam, moisture, sudden changes in temperature.

The door from the steam room should open outward to make it easier for those who feel unwell due to overheating to leave it.

It is forbidden to use locks in baths and saunas so as not to accidentally close the people steaming there.

36 000 RSD
(Including tax)
Andrese Dekoori AS, kom

Wide range of Andres' sauna doors provide a suitable solution for any interior.

In stock

Minimum quantity for "ANDRES Skan Sauna doors 70 x 190, 70 x 200" is 1.

How to choose a sauna door

What should you pay attention to when choosing a glass door for a sauna so that you do not regret it later?


Everything is simple here. Let's measure the stock (width, height) in which the door will be installed. And we choose the door by size, not bigger. For example: the stock is 85 cm wide and 210 cm high. In that situation, a door measuring 80 by 210 cm is perfect for us.

Dimensions are calculated from a clean floor

Why is that? The box must be 1 cm smaller because you need a place to fill with mounting foam between the frame and the box. Maximum allowable space between box and frame: 30 mm on each side (left, right and top)

Box material

When choosing a door for a Turkish bathroom, steam room or shower, the use of an aluminum box is recommended. It can also be used in saunas where the design allows it.
A wooden box is enough for ordinary saunas and baths. Here are the types of wood that can be used for door frames: CANADIAN CEDAR, BEECH, ALDER, ASPEN, PINE, also heat-treated types of wood. The properties of the wood have almost no effect here. The rule is that the material of the box matches the color of the interior of the sauna.
We draw your attention to the fact that almost no door has a threshold, but if necessary, it can be additionally ordered if necessary. The door can be complete with wooden or aluminum pads.


The thickness of the glass on the door in our store is always 8 mm.
The glass is always tempered.
You do not need to choose the size of the glass, because it corresponds to the size of the selected box.
You are asked to choose the color and finish of the glass. Standard colors: -Transparent - usually transparent glass -Satin - frosted transparent glass that is slightly rough to the touch -Bronze - transparent glass with a bronze shade or tan -Matt bronze - also with transparent glass: frosted glass in bronze color Drawings on glass - you can choose a door with a drawing, while the color of the glass can be different.


Hinges - usually two pieces are installed on the door. Three loops are used for large canvases. Also, if you want, you can add any third door, but this is relevant for Russian-made doors and custom-made

The hinge colors are as follows: chrome, matt chrome and bronze

Hinges can be placed left or right. On some doors, the hinge location can be changed independently, that is, the universal door: both the left and right openings.


The handles are also available in wood or aluminum. They can also be combined, vertical, horizontal and different lengths, up to the entire height of the glass.
The handle on the inside can be plastic, aluminum or wooden.

Lock or latch

Methods of fixing the door in the closed position - roller or magnet. Depending on the manufacturer, the magnet can be located in one place, in the center or around the entire surface of the glass A lock with a cut is also available. But for safety reasons, we do not recommend placing it in saunas or hammams, and it is definitely necessary in showers or bathrooms.


Door skirting with wooden and aluminum frame is not included in the set. They need to be purchased separately, as with any reciprocal door. We recommend choosing the material for the molding according to the material of the box. The strips differ in width. The wooden strip has a standard width of 70 mm, but there are also wider ones. The aluminum molding is 20 mm, 50 mm and 70 mm.


Now you know what to look for when choosing a sauna door and most importantly how to calculate the size correctly. You can then select the desired door in the catalog or call us by phone, we will help you decide faster and place your order. Moreover, we can also install doors to make their service life as long as possible.