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- Quality control at every stage of harvesting and processing from logs to products
- Direct delivery from Russia every 20 days
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- 12 years on the market
- Thousands of grateful clients ("St. Simeon", Porto Montenegro, Dukli, Energoproject Belgrade, Hotel Yugoslavia Belgrade, Hotel Splendid Montenegro, Hotel Kopaonik, Monasteries Sopocani and Ostrog, interiors of Jankovic)


- Building Materials
- Elements for installation
- Boje i lakovi i zaštitni materijali
- We deliver the selected product to the specified address (delivery of goods - from shop to your door)


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- 3% discount on the entire range of goods
- Free consultations
- Proračun količine materijala za vaš projekat

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Application of Larch Decking Board

The best offer for a wooden decking board in Serbia for installing flooring for terraces, porches, balconies and outdoor courtyards

  • Floor for the balcony, loggia, gazebo, summer terrace of the restaurant, garden paths, paths around the pool.
  • Luxurious Wooden Fence and Larch Gate.
  • Board for Decks of ships, yachts, docks, berths.
  • Floor for Dance Grounds, Playgrounds, Gyms.
  • Indoor floors, including bathrooms and showers.

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Application of EcoDecking Decking Board

EcoDecking decking is the best choice for outdoor flooring - verandas, terraces, garden paths, gazebos, embankments and marinas

  • Operated roof - mounted on adjustable supports and retains waterproofing
  • Terraces, Gazebos and Verandas - WPC board for the terrace creates a warm, soulful atmosphere.
  • Pools - No puddles left on the board thanks to the gap. The board near the pool is "warm", does not slip
  • Piers, Moorings - Deck plank is the best material for finishing a quay or pier
  • Steps and stairs are an ideal material for finishing outdoor stairs, especially if the stairs are of great height and are made on a metal frame

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Advantages of the Siberian Larch Facade

Board for facades, wall cladding, outdoor terraces and courtyards. Wood cladding.

  • Inimitable Unique Architectural Style
  • High adaptability: practically no preparation of the load-bearing wall is required
  • Maximum combination with other materials - metal, glass, stone and even plastic.
  • The ability to carry out installation work at any time of the year
  • High speed and ease of installation
  • Lack of "wet" processes
  • Wind resistance

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Application of Larch Glued Lumber

Glued laminated timber from Siberian Larch for installation of Pergolas and Substructure

  • Wooden Beams for Pergolas
  • Wooden Pergolas for Terraces
  • Beams for timber structures
  • Roof beams
  • Wooden beams for interior decoration

Wooden beams perfectly highlight the details of the interior, their natural beauty gives warmth and special charm to the space.

Ceiling beams are very popular and fit perfectly into any style.

We make a set of wooden buildings, canopies, halls, pergolas

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Steps, Furniture board for your interior

  • environmental friendliness of the design makes it possible to use it for the manufacture of furniture and decoration of the house, nursery;
  • glued parts do not give in to deformation, give slight shrinkage, and do not form cracks on them;
  • beautiful woody pattern;
  • strength and durability.

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Quality material, Certified hardware

Large selection of quality materials and certified equipment for the construction of baths and saunas.

  • Wood stoves - a wide range of models for different room sizes;
  • Electric stoves - the best models of electric heaters from leading manufacturers Harvia, Sawo;
  • High performance and reliable steam generators. Steam generators produce "light" steam;
  • Heat resistant tempered glass doors;
  • Shelf Material: Larch, Abash, Cedar, Linden;
  • Latest LED lighting and decorative fixtures;
  • Large assortment of sauna accessories: Headrests, Thermometers, Hygrometers, Wooden buckets and buckets, Stove stones;
  • Sauna audio systems.

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Structures for installation of terraces, facades

Large selection of quality materials for the installation of terraces, facades

  • structures for terrace mounting;
  • structures for facade mounting;
  • brackets for assembling a wooden facade;
  • clips for concealed installation of a terrace;
  • adjustable bases;
  • adapters for adjustable bases;
  • screws;

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Compositions for protection and tinting of wood from TIKKURILA

TIKKURILA - protective for wooden surfaces

  • has high water-repellent properties and provides protection in high humidity conditions
  • forms an elastic, breathable coating
  • resistant to weathering and UV
  • has a neutral odor

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Construction material for the installation of a Wooden Terrace

Sales and Installation of Flooring

The wooden patio allows you to conveniently extend the usable space of the apartment building. In a well-built and well-equipped enclosure, you can spend your time comfortably in both the warm and cold seasons.

Large selection of deck decking boards at the best prices in Belgrade. Direct deliveries from Russia. All products are certified.


Building material for installation Terraces from WPC

The protection of wooden surfaces from Tikkurila is a guaranteed result for many years

All TIKKURILA products are made from natural ingredients. They protect the wood from various influences and emphasize its beauty and natural color. The treated surface is aesthetically perfect and user-friendly.

The surface of the wood is waterproof after coating with oil.

TIKKURILA oils do not create a protective film and therefore regular care of oil-coated surfaces is essential to preserve the beauty of the wood.


We will make a full range of works on the construction of a turnkey bath or sauna. We will develop a project for a bathhouse or sauna, we will carry out construction work, and we will mount the necessary equipment. You will receive a ready turnkey bath or sauna.

Veliki izbor peći, drva za klupe, lamperii, rekvizite za saune po Najpovoljnijim cenama u Beogradu.


Materials for the construction of saunas and baths

ARIX is the only certified distributor in the Balkans

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council® / Forest Stewardship Council) * is an international organization that has established a system for confirming the environmental and social responsibility of forest management. The FSC mark on wood or on a product made from it is an indication that the products come from a forest in which ecologically and socially responsible forestry is maintained.

The FSC certificate is issued by an independent auditor on the basis of a rigorous annual inspection at the logging site. It is a recognized mark of the quality of wood and paper products in 109 countries. In total, more than 190 million hectares of forests in the world are certified and over 30 thousand FSC certificates for supply chains of paper and paper products have been issued.

In developed countries, so-called environmentally sensitive markets have emerged. This means that there is growing demand for goods produced without harming nature. In Europe and North America, before purchasing wood or goods from it, the buyer searches for the FSC mark on it.


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