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Sauna lighting

A source of artificial light for steam rooms, saunas, baths or hamam, must meet high technical requirements and have aesthetic qualities.

Basic requirements for steam room lighting:

  • High temperature resistance;
  • Waterproof. Have a high degree of protection against water.
  • Security. It is advisable to use a voltage of 12 V. Have a high level of external protection.
  • Quality. The light should be soft, diffused and dim.

High-quality, efficient sauna lighting can be provided by various types of equipment:

  • Incandescent lamps. Ceiling and wall lamps are sealed.
    The most popular bath lighting is conventional light bulbs. Incandescent lamps must be used in conjunction with special sealed lampshades and lampshades for the sauna.
  • LED bulbs. Light tubes and LED strips.
    Economical. Low power consumption compared to incandescent lamps. Safety - the models are sealed and have low voltage. Variety of glow colors.
  • Fiber optic. Projectors, fiber optic bundles and fiber optic lighting kits.
    Fiber optic bundles can withstand a maximum temperature of 200 degrees. They have high light transmittance. They give good luminous flux with a small fiber cross-section. The possibility of a short circuit is excluded. Various lighting effects can be created. Long service life. Installation can be carried out in a ready-made room.
  • Halogen lamps.
    Economical. low power consumption compared to incandescent lamps. Safe - sealed.
  • Additional accessories. This is equipment that improves some of the characteristics of lighting for a bath: increase safety, improve appearance, improve ease of use. Lighting control panels. Wooden louvres or lampshades diffuse light and enhance the aesthetic experience.
2 400 RSD
(Including tax)

The Harvia sauna light fixture fill your sauna with pleasant, soft light that complements the harmonious atmosphere of the sauna.

In stock

Minimum quantity for "HARVIA SAUNA LAMP" is 1.

3 120 RSD
(Including tax)

Wooden Lampshade for cedar sauna lamp (dark) and aspen (light)

In stock

Minimum quantity for "Lampshade Semicircle" is 1.

10 200 RSD
(Including tax)

LED strips are a set of LEDs on a self-adhesive tape. This is a very practical and original solution for lighting a space

In stock

Minimum quantity for "RGB LED strips" is 1.

10 200 RSD
(Including tax)
LED lighting Sauna lighting is an important detail that achieves half of the relaxing effect in a sauna. The LED lighting offers you the opportunity...
In stock

Minimum quantity for "SAUNA LED LIGHT RGB LN103 [CLONE]" is 1.

2 520 RSD
(Including tax)
A ceramic downlight for sauna LinderA downlight in white colour It is intended for lightning the rooms with high humidity and temperature Quantity of lamps...

Minimum quantity for "Ceramic lamp Lindner" is 1.

9 360 RSD
(Including tax)
The exterior design of the lightning elements for Legend sauna is adapted for Legend wood burning stoves. Lampshades for Legend saunas are painted in...

Minimum quantity for "Lamp Harvia Legend" is 1.


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