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Planks for Facades, Wallcoverings, Open Terraces, Siberian Larch Pergola, Cedar

If your house could choose clothes,
he would choose Siberian Larch

A beautiful facade is primarily your status. The opinion of the owner depends on the appearance of the building.

Secondly, the facade carries a functional load.

A well-designed facade increases the energy efficiency of the building.

Such a facade can significantly reduce the thickness of the bearing wall, which leads to savings in wall materials.

Advantages of the facade of Siberian larch

- Unique unique architectural style

- Possibility of installation work at any time of the year

- High technology: preparation of the load-bearing wall is practically not required

- High speed and ease of installation

- Lack of "wet" processes

- Wind resistant

- The maximum combination with other materials - metal, glass, stone and even plastic.

Wooden facades from Siberian Larch - A piece of Siberian Forest in your home

Ako bi vaš dom mogao da bira odelo, izabrao bi Sibirski Ariš

Lepa fasada pre svega pokazuje vaš status. Od spoljašnjeg izgleda zgrade zavisi mišljenje o vlasniku.

Takođe fasada ima i funkcionalnu namenu.

Dobro urađena fasada povećava energetsku efikasnost zgrade.

Takva fasada omogućava da se znatno smanji debljina fasadnog zida što dovodi do uštede zidnih materijala.

Prednosti fasade od Sibirskog Ariša

Neponovljiv jedinstveni arhitektonski stil

Mogućnost obavljanja montažnih radova u bilo koje doba godine

Visoka tehnologija: obrada fasadnog zida praktično nije potrebna

Velika brzina i jednostavnost montaže

Odstustvo „mokrog“ postupka

Otpornost na uticaj vetra

Maksimalna kompatibilnost sa drugim materijalima: metalom, staklom, kamenom, čak i plastikom.

Drvene fasade od Sibirskog Ariša - Parče Sibirskog Šume u Vašem Domu

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Self-ventilating facades of Siberian Larch

  • Wooden ventilated facades can be applied to all types of buildings, from coasts, mountain gardens to urban areas
  • Wooden façade cladding is made of Siberian Larch Resistant to external influences. Due to its resistance to rot, this type of wood has been used in outdoor use for centuries
  • The mounting system allows the thermal thickness to be adjusted according to the climatic conditions
  • ROMB wooden facades with a concealed attachment system exude warmth and simple geometric shape, giving the building a massive and elegant look at the same time
  • Wooden façade cladding is intended for internal application. Fast and easy to install, they are an excellent solution for all interior requirements
In stock: 7 (m2)
Brend: ARIX, : Price per square meter (m2),

Fasadna daska Elegant od Sibirske Smreke. Zodna Obloga od Sibirske Smreke

Proportions (mm):
24 x 9024 x 12024 x 14028 x 90 28 x 120
Length (m):
Proportions (mm): 24 x 90
Length (m): 3
Brend: ARIX
: Price per square meter (m2)
2 800 RSD (Including tax)
In stock: 981 (m2)
Klasa: AB, Brend: ARIX, : Price per square meter (m2),
22*140*4 mm Front board from the Siberian Cedar.
Proportions (mm):
18 x 13518 x 16020 x 90 20 x 95 20 x 12020 x 140
Length (m):
Proportions (mm): 20 x 90
Length (m): 3
Klasa: AB
Brend: ARIX
: Price per square meter (m2)
3 950 RSD (Including tax)


In stock: 57 (m2)
Klasa: BC, Brend: ARIX, : Price per square meter (m2),
Due to the feather / groove system and different dimensions of the profile width, as well as the possibility of combining them at the request of the architect / designer, there is a variation in the net / gross roof area, so that the exact calculation of the required amount of material , and the price per m2 is shown for the gross area of the profile.
Proportions (mm):
27 x 12028 x 70 28 x 95
Length (m):
C (Limited quantity)BCAB
Proportions (mm): 28 x 95
Length (m): 4
Klasa: BC
Brend: ARIX
: Price per square meter (m2)
5 760 RSD (Including tax)


In stock: 79 (m2)
Klasa: Extra, Brend: ARIX, : Price per square meter (m2),

Mouldings Larch is durable, easy to handle, it fits well into the interior, filled with the warmth of the house creates a cozy atmosphere.

Proportions (mm):
20 x 95 20 x 12020 x 14020 x 145
Length (m):
C (Limited quantity)BCABAExtraExtra
Proportions (mm): 20 x 95
Length (m): 4
Klasa: Extra
Brend: ARIX
: Price per square meter (m2)
6 160 RSD (Including tax)
In stock: 173 (m2)
Brend: ARIX, : Price per square meter (m2),

Safe and Eco-friendly material. TermoBor has bell-shaped shades, a beautiful color with visible grain. Complete absence of resin - eliminates all obstacles for using materials for wall coverings in saunas.

Proportions (mm):
19 x 117
Length (m):
Proportions (mm): 19 x 117
Length (m): 5,7
Brend: ARIX
: Price per square meter (m2)
7 500 RSD (Including tax)
Brend: ARIX, : Price per square meter (m2),
ARIX-Contrast - great for creating a unique pattern of the facade of your home. Modern design, excellent insulation effect made ARIX-Contrast one of the most popular architectural solutions in recent years. With four panels of different depths and widths, you can create your own unique design to suit your ideas. The uniqueness of each project, durability and ease of installation were priorities in the creation of ARIX-Contrast. All panels are made of Siberian larch known for its moisture resistance, durability and resistance to damage by fungus, insects, rodents. Using paint materials TIKKURILA you will not only...
Brend: ARIX
: Price per square meter (m2)
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