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Projects made of our own materials

WPC Deking from ArixShop.Com - best prices in the region!

It is a unique and exclusive product of the manufacturer that has been successfully operating on the Russian market for more than 10 years!

We offer a reliable and time-tested product!

Our product is characterized by high wear resistance in difficult operating conditions. In areas with low temperatures, high humidity and extreme heat.

WPC decking Titan has performed extremely well in places with a large capacity of people and a load on surface elements.

In addition to the obvious benefits of our products, we also offer an individual approach to each client. Discounts for large volumes and regular customers are formed individually.

Our management team is constantly working to expand the range. The entire range of goods is available in stock. Fast delivery of goods "to order“.

WPC decking is the best solution for marinas, poolside areas, promenades.

4 reasons why you are profitable to work with us


Best price! WPC Decking ECODECKINGProduct price without overpayment to intermediaries.
Delivery directly from the manufacturer!


Quality! Our products have unique certificates of conformityWe are confident in the quality of our materials and we confirm this with a real guarantee


Design features to extend service life up to 25 years Design features to extend service life up to 25 years


Popular products from 1000 m2 are always available in our warehousesPopular products from 1000 m2 are always available in our warehouses

WPC decking is an excellent solution for finishing outdoor structures and various areas!

3 480 RSD
(Including tax)
Antislip, Smooth, 20 x 132 mm, ECODECKING, 3 m, 4 m, 6 m, Price per square meter (m2),

Sale of WPC decking from the manufacturer. Available in all sizes, custom cut. Large selection of wood-polymer composite floors at low cost

In stock

3 600 RSD
(Including tax)
25 x 143 mm, ECODECKING, 3 m, 4 m, 6 m, Price per square meter (m2),

Comfort floor tile is a PVC-based floor covering for use in buildings with significant traffic. The board has an impressive weight and a very good material density.

In stock

3 600 RSD
(Including tax)
17 x 160 mm, ECODECKING, 3 m, Price per square meter (m2),

WPC facade panel ECODECKING in color and relief pattern is very similar to real wood.

In stock

3 960 RSD
(Including tax)
13 x 145 mm, ECODECKING, 3 m, Price per square meter (m2),

The whole board of the ECODECKING fence is very similar in color and is imprinted like real wood

In stock

4 200 RSD
(Including tax)
17 x 160 mm, ECODECKING, 3 m, Price per square meter (m2),

WPC facade panels ECODECKING in color and embossing are very similar to real wood

In stock

6 360 RSD
(Including tax)
25 x 140 mm, ECODECKING, 3 m, 4 m, 6 m, 4 pcs, Price per square meter (m2),

EcoDecking Titan terrace decking board is an essentially new recipe and a new product feature. This board is not VPC, but MPK (mineral-polymer composite), which gives this product simply phenomenal properties

In stock

2 640 RSD
(Including tax)
40 x 90 mm, ECODECKING, 3 m, The price is per piece,

Suitable for arranging city benches or places of rest at a private house, cafe, restaurants


The WPC flooring almost does not require maintenance, and certainly improves each space giving it warmth and comfort

The WPC that lays on the outer surfaces has a solid structure that makes it resistant to rotting, mold and insects, but it should not be impregnated with different chemicals.

Largest Deking Flooring Offer

  • The cheapest decking from WPC in Serbia
  • The best choice of wood for terraces, garden paths, pool trails, rafts, children's playgrounds is WPC
  • Certified WPC decking
  • The WPC floors have a pronounced relief and faithfully evocative wood structure
  • WPC decking have a Natural appearance
  • WPC decking floors - the ideal choice for platforms and pool trails
  • The anti-slip pattern allows for comfortable and safe walking in conditions where there is water on the profile surface

EcoDecking decking is the best choice for outdoor flooring - verandas, terraces, garden paths, gazebos, embankments and marinas.
EcoDecking is made of wood-polymer composite (WPC), which determines the high reliability and durability of this decking, even without processing the material with special impregnations and bio-protection means. The manufacturer guarantees the safe operation of this floor covering for a period of at least 25 years.

If you want to buy EcoDecking decking at the best price, Order a Call Back.
The consultants of our store will answer all your questions and help you place an order.

Application in street decoration

Operated roof - It is mounted on adjustable supports, which do not need to be fixed to the base, which maintains waterproofing. Installation is quick and clean.

Gazebos and verandas - WPC board for the terrace creates a warm, soulful atmosphere.

Pools - Thanks to the gap, there are no puddles on the board. The board near the pool is "warm", unlike tiles or stone, it is pleasant to walk on it barefoot. The board does not slide, it is springy.

Terraces - the most frequent object for using artificial boards.

Piers, berths - Deck board is the best material for finishing a dock or pier

For restaurants - The open area near the restaurant significantly increases the number of visitors and allows you to enjoy good weather.

Street scenes and dance floors - Artificial polymer board is an outdoor material for finishing stationary stages and dance floors, which are located at a considerable height above the ground.

Street steps and stairs - WPC decking and steps are an ideal material for finishing outdoor stairs, especially if the stairs are of great height and are made on a metal frame

Small architectural forms - paths, benches, front panels for the house, tables, facades of transport structures (toilets, change houses), floors in cowsheds, beds, blinds for sun protection, flooring in the pool.

Ograde od WPC dekinga

Ograde od WPC dekinga


  • Šta je WPC ograda
  • Prednosti WPC ograda
  • Vrste ograda prema položaju dasaka
  • Moguće boje i teksture WPC ograde od EcoDecking-a
  • Kako odabrati odgovarajucu ogradu
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  • Šta je važno uzeti u obzir prilikom postavljanja ograde
  • Postavljanje ograde po sistemu „ključ u ruke“

Kompletna instalacija WPC Decking daske za terasu

Kompletna instalacija WPC terasne daske od ArixShop

WPC konstrukcije se ozbiljno razlikuju od obicnog drveta po cvrstoci I otpornosti na djelovanje spoljasnjih uslova.

Drveni kompozit takodje ne trune I nju nemogu da ostete gljivice, insekti I sl. sto cini brigu o materijalu veoma jednostavnom. Instalacija terasne daske se moze izvoditi cak bez pomoci specijaliste, bitno je da bude neophodan alat.


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