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Projects made of our own materials

Larch paneling is an excellent material for dirt on sauna walls:
•    Larch does not produce tar
•    Has low thermal conductivity - does not heat up
•    Beautiful exterior.
The paneling in the sauna creates an atmosphere of comfort and comfort. Thanks to the warm shades, it looks aesthetically pleasing and beautiful.

The Spruce paneling is aesthetically appealing, practical and long lasting..
•    the presence of a slightly larger number of small nodes;
•    a homogeneous white color that can have a yellowish tone in older trees;
•    Loose structure helps reduce heat loss through walls and is a reliable noise absorber.
But there are drawbacks to the application ... rapid saturation of the wood with moisture causes it to deform. But antiseptic treatment helps eliminate the problem.

Siberian Cedar paneling belongs to the elite materials for sauna lining.
It is perfect for lining rooms with a high degree of humidity - Russian spas and saunas, for lining walls and floors. Siberian cedar has unique healing powers that have a positive and healing effect on the human body and psychological state.

Aspen paneling – one of the best sauna solutions where light colors will dominate. Low thermal conductivity helps to avoid heavy surface heating.
The best place to use Aspen linings is in the steam rooms, where the temperatures are high enough and it's always hot. The Aspen panel is durable and does not deform over time. It is not afraid of high humidity.
The healing properties of aspen perfectly complement the procedures in the sauna. It does not light the tar.

The Red Canadian Cedar paneling is a premium material of premium quality used for interior lining of rooms. Good performance and good looks make the material very popular and sought after.
•    Sustainability
•    Great aromas
•    Natural resistance to rot and insects

Lamperia for saunas

Wood for sauna and bath

A pleasant and healthy atmosphere in the sauna and bathhouse is provided by the wall decoration with natural wood. Wood is an environmentally friendly, clean and "breathable" material that emits useful natural substances when heated and fills the steam room with a pleasant aroma.

In addition, wood cladding ensures the safety of bath procedures, as it prevents skin burns.

No paint or varnish is used in the decoration of the steam room. This prevents the natural process of moisture absorption by wood. In addition, any paint and varnish coating, when heated, releases substances hazardous to the body.

1 680 RSD
(Including tax)
12.5 x 110, 12.5 x 90 mm, ARIX, 1,9 m, 2 m, 2.1 м, Price per square meter (m2),

Larch paneling gives the sauna walls an aesthetically appealing, decorative look. Larch-wood paneling darkens over time and takes on a dark color, does not absorb dirt and always retains its beauty and unique texture.

In stock

Minimum quantity for "Lining from Larch" is 1.

2 280 RSD
(Including tax)
28 x 60, 28 x 80, 28 x 70 mm, ARIX, 3 m, Price per square meter (m2),
Dekorativne zidne obloge od Sibirskog Ariša Dekoracijom zidova drugačije doživljavate prostor. Vaš životni ili radni prostor će sigurno dobiti...
In stock

5 160 RSD
(Including tax)
28 x 80, 28 x 60, 40 x 60, 28 x 70, 40 x 70, 40 x 80 mm, ARIX, 3 m, Price per square meter (m2),
Wall paneling from Linden Wall paneling from Linden has an irresistible appearance: smooth, smooth, light golden and pleasant to the touch. It does...
In stock

2 040 RSD
(Including tax)
12.5 x 90 mm, ARIX, 1,9 m, 2 m, 2.1 м, Price per square meter (m2),
Lining of Spruce - a unique decorative material for the sauna with antiseptic effect! Spruce cladding is used in the decoration of rooms similar to pine....

Minimum quantity for "Lining from Spruce" is 1.

2 400 RSD
(Including tax)
15 x 90 mm, ARIX, 1,9 m, 2 m, 2.1 м, Price per square meter (m2),
Lining from Aspen - Healthy spirit of your sauna! Aspen wood has a low thermal conductivity and almost does not crack, lends itself well to various...

Minimum quantity for "Lining from Aspen" is 1.

7 080 RSD
(Including tax)
10 x 90 mm, 1,9 m, 2 m, 2.1 м, 3 m, Price per square meter (m2),
Red Canadian Cedar lining is a versatile material and leads among competitors Lining of red Canadian cedar belongs to the class of luxury finishing...

Minimum quantity for "Red Canadian Cedar paneling" is 1.

Montaža Lamperije od A do Z

Montaža Lamperije od A do Z

Lamperija pogodan je, praktičan i kvalitetan materijal koji ukrašava bilo koju prostoriju i uklapa se u svaki enterijer. Lamperija se koristi za oblaganje zidova, plafona, balkona i loža, kupatila i sauna. Vrsta drveta od koga se izrađuje lamperija, njegova nijansa i tekstura biraju se u zavisnosti od željenog rezultata.


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