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Sauna stones

The main properties that apply to quality stones for electric and wood-burning sauna and steam ovens:

  • heat capacity
  • strength
  • resistance to temperature changes
  • low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • environmental friendliness and absence of radioactivity
  • ability to accumulate and evenly distribute heat
  • sauna stones must have good heat dissipation and a homogeneous structure.

Stacking stones in the oven.

  • Before placing stones in the oven, they must be thoroughly rinsed with water.
  • Large fractions are placed in the lower part, and above - medium sizes.
  • Free gaps must be left between stones , for good air and steam circulation.

Care instructions.

The condition of the stones in the bath should be constantly monitored. To prevent unpleasant odors from developing over time, they should be rinsed periodically.

Stones change after they lose their heat transfer properties or mechanical damage is formed on them.

It is necessary to water them in the steam room with hot water - this will extend their service life and provide better steam.

2 160 RSD
(Including tax)

Traditional sauna heater stones. These stones are suitable for all sauna heaters. There are two stone sizes available: 5–10 cm and 10–15 cm.Stone weight per crate: 20 kg.

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Minimum quantity for "Traditional sauna heater stones" is 1.