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Did you know that Siberian larch has really unique features?

Did you know that Siberian larch has really unique features?

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Unique properties of larch

Scientists proved that this sort of conifers has special natural antioxidant.

Chemical analysis showed that Siberian larch contains bioflavonoid which blocks the process of creating free radicals in the human's body that cause numerous serious diseases.

In addition Siberian larch is a constant source of Phytoncides, which prevent the occurrence of colds and viral diseases. There are many legends created about beauty and utility of Siberian larch. Firmness of Siberian larch is practically the same as the firmness of oak, and its resistance to biological effects is significantly higher in comparison with other sort of conifers.

Finishing bath material of linden

Specialists believe that the optimal combining of hardness, moisture resistance and beauty make Siberian larch a leader amongst cutting timber. Since this timber is rot-resistant products made from it last for hundreds years. It is time proven.

From this timber the piles for Trojan bridge on the Danube were made. These piles were solidified during 1800 years. In the same way the piles used in construction of Venice have become more solid.

The natural reddish tint of larch does not require additional coloringAs researches have shown this happens because of resin composition, which makes timber more moisture resistant and long-term presence of water makes larch wood even harder. Timber made from Siberian wood is widely used in shipping industry, construction and joinery. These elements for building construction, parquet boards, windows frame, railway sleepers and poles for electricity transmission.

The fact is that cutting Siberian larch timber does not become crooked and does not crack when temperature is changed. Also Siberian larch is wonderful material for terrace boards, parquet flooring, parquet board from solid wood and floor wedges. Its natural reddish hue does not require additional painting and under a layer of lacquer and oil it gets a golden hue which with time becomes even juicier. Parquet in Ostankino palace of count Sheremetiev looks just like we wrote above. The same color has window frames and doors of "Vardar" hotel in Kotor, Montenegro.

Physical and mechanical properties of Siberian larch timber

Siberian larch wood belongs to coniferous trees, pine family. It is widespread in the western part of the East Siberian taiga.

Siberian larch is known all over the world thanks to its unique biological and physical-mechanical properties. It can be included in the category of very valuable building materials. Siberian larch timber has very high indicators in resistance on moisture, firmness and it is also rot-resistant.

  • Firmness

Firmness of Siberian larch timber is practically not less than firmness of oak timber: firmness of larch – 109 units, oak -110 units.

  • Hardness

Hardness of Siberian larch timber as to Brinell scale ranges from 2.9 HBS (tangential cut) to 3.2 HBS (radial cut) which is pretty close to oak – 3.7 HBS.

  • Resistance to moisture

Siberian larch timber is resistant to moisture and exceeds oak timber for example, as it is known that oak base board has to be cover by different chemical solution in order to protect it from moisture. For larch boards, for example, base boards, it is not necessary. It is protected by very nature.

  • Resistance to rot

According to requirements of European standard 350-2:1994 EH Siberian larch wood belongs to the group of trees that are very resistant to rot; therefore it is not practically susceptible to the fungus and insects attacks.

  • Heat (thermal) conductivity
For the Siberian Larch is characterized by increased fire resistance and low thermal conductivity.

Not without reason, Siberian larch wood can be called the elite wood type. Company "ARIX" offers big choice of solid boards made from Siberian larch wood for processing of quality and modern wood floor. These formats are ideally suited for flooring the owner will be proud of and it will last forever.

We guarantee optimum prices and excellent quality of materials used for flooring made in Siberia.

The floor made from Siberian larch wood is warm, nice to touch, it does not squeak when walking. Such floor can be placed not only at home, but in shop, office and gymnasium.

For terraces, gazebo, porch, garden paths, beaches we offer you solid terrace board from Siberian larch. Terrace board is also used in finishing works in saunas and pools. The main advantage of terrace board is a comfortable "antislip" surface, which provides a safe walking on the floor with such coverage. Walking on such floor is comfortable without shoes. It is hard to slip even on wet terrace board. These products are resistant to moisture, sun, wind and pests.

Siberian larch wood means for the ages!!


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