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Selection of materials for mounting a terrace of Larch

Selection of materials for mounting a terrace of Larch

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A detailed selection of materials for mounting a terrace of larch

Deking, also called a plank.

The terrace of the house or terrace of the cottage is exposed to intense atmospheric influences in the form of high humidity, temperature changes, direct sunlight, etc. Therefore, the choice of terraces of such species as larch, cedar or even the best option, because their wood is more durable and durable.

In addition to its longevity, larch is distinguished by high ecological acceptability.

There are two types of decking for terrace:

Larch terrace decking 20x90, 20x145, 27×145, smooth
Larch terrace decking 20×90, 20×145, 27x140 antislip
ribbed or as it is still called velvet or antislip

Material selection

The appearance and long term of the terrace depends on the quality of the components. Be sure to consider which class of decency to choose.

Class «A»

Allows one node per meter, whose dimensions must not be larger than 10 mm. The resin pocket, if any, should not be more than two by 15 mm. Two, but up to 5 mm each. Small cracks and scratches (up to 1 mm) are also not considered a malfunction.

Class "A" is of the same grade as "Extra" in terms of quality, but its price is cheaper.

Class «B»

It provides unlimited number of nodes and resin pockets, but is limited by the presence of cracks. It must not have more than two cracks of 2.5 m.

Small holes and cracks can also be present. Accordingly, the price for this kind of larch is lower.

Class «C»

Lightly branched blond, cracks are permitted. Generally, parts of the construction made of it will subsequently be covered with a lining. Such defects do not affect the durability of the building.

Class «Extra»

It is characterized by high density and uniform structure. For the production, the rear parts of the wood, which do not have knots, were used.

Carefully selected wood has no cracks, mechanical damage and resin pockets. When choosing, any defects, rot, blondes, wormholes, and so on are unacceptable.

The «Extra» class is the most expensive variety of larch.

Different shades of wood are not considered a disadvantage.

Wood protection

Arish is a unique natural material that is used almost without processing. However, in order to preserve the appearance, it is recommended that the material be covered with an antiseptic and waterproof material prior to use.

Before the installation of the terrace, the boards must be treated with impregnation. Bulk with impregnation in autoclave can be replaced with biocidal coatings. Upon completion of the installation, the outer surface is covered with wax or special oil.

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