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Sauna Bathing Broomsticks And Their Useful Properties

Sauna Bathing Broomsticks And Their Useful Properties

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Bath brooms and their useful properties.

Each of them has its own characteristics:

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  • Birch, good heat up, massage the skin. Leaves and buds, and bark, and birch sap have healing properties, which is why birch brooms are so popular in bathhouses. Birch broom is indispensable for muscle and joint pain, for example, after heavy physical exertion.
  • Oak broom has a calming and anti-inflammatory effect and is very useful for people with high physical and mental stress. Oak brooms are useful for oily skin.
  • Eucalyptus will give a unique aroma.
  • Juniper broom will help improve blood circulation, has no equal in bactericidal properties.
  • Nettle is an excellent remedy for radiculitis and joint diseases.
  • Tansy great for people suffering from chronic diseases of the kidneys and bladder.
  • The wormwood broom creates a unique steppe aroma in the steam room, but so strong that not everyone tolerates it well. In this case, you can combine one or two branches of wormwood with a birch broom. The aroma will be weaker, and the healing effect is sufficient.
  • Rowan broom turns flexible, soft, whip. It disinfects the steam room well.
  • Linden has antipyretic, bronchodilating, bactericidal and diuretic properties.

Each broom is useful and good in its own way. It is important to know how, when to apply it. It’s best to use fresh brooms, only they contain a lot of essential oils, volatile and other biologically active substances.

Dried or frozen?

How to keep bath brooms until summer, when it’s time for freshness?

vDried brooms are wrapped in thick paper so that they are less dusty and clean in a dry and cool place where there is ventilation. In a private house, dry brooms can be stored in attics without heating. If you live in an apartment, leave the brooms in a cardboard box in a dry and dark place. The main thing is not to get wet and not to start growing bud on them.

Brooms that are sent to the freezer after collection break less and lose leaves during operation, and after use are easier to steam clean. In addition, if the broom is not too bald, it can be re-frozen and reused after bathing (although other life may be and with a dried broom if washed with warm water and dried after bathing).

Softwood brooms that do not tolerate drying can be stored frozen. You can also freeze them yourself by sealing the brooms with nylon in advance.

Revive the broom

Oživite metluBefore you go to the steam room, the broom - it doesn't matter, dried or frozen, you have to "revive" it.

To begin with, you need to wash a dry broom made of birch or oak with warm water, then put it in the sink with cold water for a few minutes, and then leave it in warm water for a few minutes. After that, the broom should be put in hot water (about 80 degrees) and left for about ten minutes - this is one of the ways.


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