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Monday - Friday from 8:30 to 16:00
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SPA in your home!

SPA in your home!

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When creating a home spa, you need to keep this in mind:

SPA is a complex of methods and procedures for restoring a person’s health, beauty, and energy by affecting all 6 organs of his senses:

Spa  kutak možete imati i u vašem domu!

  • vision (color and light) - interior, view from the window, comfortable lighting
  • hearing - a composition of silence and a carefully selected musical line;
  • sense of smell - a composition of aromas and smells or their complete absence;
  • touch - comfortable temperature conditions and materials used in construction and decoration;
  • taste - clean and fresh air, the right structured water and the right food (environmentally friendly, balanced, cooked with the right water);
  • intuition or subconsciousness - a feeling of security and comfort.

In your home spa you should be comfortable above all! Home spa is an oasis of calm and relaxation in a modern crazy world. A place where you can relax and relax your body and soul. Well, and of course, to take care of yourself or loved one. You should not chase new-fangled little things if you sincerely do not like them. To create a unique atmosphere of your home spa, you need to be thoughtful, listening to your inner voice, your feelings. After all, you will be the main client there!

So, the main motive is your feelings and inner voice, what's next?

  1. Size - starting with 1 square meter (area under the shower), and ending only beyond your imagination. Optimal home spa space can be created on areas from 12m2.
  2. Load - the number of regular users, family members, and the intensity of the guest flow.
  3. Place - an apartment or a country house. An important role is played by the energy of the place.
  4. The concept is healing, relaxation, aesthetics. Or their combination (in what proportions?).
  5. Interior and design - classic, modern, ethnic.
  6. The materials used are a minimum of plastic and synthetics, a maximum of wood, stone, ceramics (the choice is yours).
  7. Water is the right, prepared, structured water guarantee of Health, Beauty and Longevity. Water for a bath, for example, in Russia was taken from a river, it is softer than from a well. But where nowadays to get a clean river? But to recreate water of the same quality is quite possible.
  8. Air - supply and exhaust ventilation. Temperature condition. Climatic installations.

We will always be happy to help you create your unique SPA. And gain Health and Beauty, Harmony, Wisdom and Longevity!


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