Projects made of our own materials

Self-ventilating facades of Siberian Larch

  • Wooden ventilated facades can be applied to all types of buildings, from coasts, mountain gardens to urban areas
  • Wooden façade cladding is made of Siberian Larch Resistant to external influences. Due to its resistance to rot, this type of wood has been used in outdoor use for centuries
  • The mounting system allows the thermal thickness to be adjusted according to the climatic conditions
  • ROMB wooden facades with a concealed attachment system exude warmth and simple geometric shape, giving the building a massive and elegant look at the same time
  • Wooden façade cladding is intended for internal application. Fast and easy to install, they are an excellent solution for all interior requirements

Wooden faсade

2 040 RSD
(Including tax)
22 x 140 mm, 140 mm, 22 mm, 2 m, 3 m, 4 m, Price per square meter (m2),
22*140*4 mm Front board from the Siberian Cedar.

Minimum quantity for "Front board from the Siberian Cedar." is 1.

2 160 RSD
(Including tax)
20 x 145 mm, 145 mm, 20 mm, 2.7 m, 3 m, 4 m, 5 m, 6 m, Price per square meter (m2),
The company "Arixshop" offers high-quality molded products made of Siberian larch. This breed is ideal for Production of molded products. Larch elastic,...

Minimum quantity for "Front board Arix of Siberian larch 20x145x2700-6000" is 1.

2 760 RSD
(Including tax)
20 x 68, 20 x 93 mm, 93, 68 mm, 20 mm, 4 m, Price per square meter (m2),
size: 20 x 93 x 4000 (mm)price per m2

Minimum quantity for "Facade panel larch" is 1.

3 600 RSD
(Including tax)
90 mm, 20 mm, 4 m, Price per square meter (m2),
Front board ARIX-Elegant

Minimum quantity for "Front board ARIX-Elegant" is 1.

6 840 RSD
(Including tax)
69 x 28, 69 x 40, 121 x 22, 96 x 22 mm, 4 m, Price per square meter (m2),
ARIX-Contrast - great for creating a unique pattern of the facade of your home. Modern design, excellent insulation effect made ARIX-Contrast one of the...

Minimum quantity for "Facade board ARIX-Contrast" is 1.

8 388 RSD
(Including tax)
25 x 75 x 2000, 25 x 75 x 3000 mm, Price per square meter (m2),

roko is characterized by excellent mechanical properties, comparable to tick, although inferior to it in bending strength and compression along fibers. Very resistant breed.

Minimum quantity for "Facade panel made of Iroko 25x75x2000/3000" is 1.

Sta je Ventilirana Fasada

Sta je Ventilirana Fasada

Ventilirana fasada je zastitna konstrukcija spoljasnje obloge koja prectavlja visoko efikasan dvostepeni sistem za izolaciju zidova kuce od uticaja okoline. Dizajn se sastoji od obloženih materijala pricvrscenih na okvir i ucvrscenih na noseci sloj zida ili plafona. Između zida i obloge formira se prostor između koga se vazduh slobodno krece u krugu i uklanja kondenzaciju i vlagu sa građevina.