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Supi Sauna Finish 0,9l - Tikkurila top coat

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Packing: 0,9 L, Brend: Tikkurila, : The price is per piece,
1 610 RSD/kom
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Finishing coating for Walls and Ceilings in Saunas, Changing Rooms and Bathrooms.

Not suitable for bench treatment.

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PROMOTION! Place an order through the site and get additional 3% DISCOUNT!


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On-line prodaja Wood Protection - Cena Supi Sauna Finish - Tikkurila top coat 1610 RSD Beograd. Karakteristike, opis, prikaz, fotografije za Supi Sauna Finish - Tikkurila top coat. ISPORUKA Supi Sauna Finish - Tikkurila top coat na teritoriji Srbije. Ponuda za Supi Sauna Finish - Tikkurila top coat - Cene na našem sajtu se ažurirjau na svaki sat!
Supi Sauna Finish 0,9l - Tikkurila top coat
In stock: 2 (kom)
(0 reviews) Write a review

Tikkurila Supi Sauna Finish 0,9l top coat

Acrylic tinting finish for interior wooden surfaces in damp rooms. The coating encloses surfaces from moisture and dirt. Contains anti-mold agent to protect the treated area.

Suitable for use on wooden surfaces, wooden boards and concrete surfaces according to the instructions for use.

RECOMMENDED USE: Walls and ceilings in saunas, locker rooms and bathrooms. Not suitable for bench treatment.

Color palette: Tikkurila Interior Wood Stains and Lacquers tone chart.

Gloss level: Semi-matte


8 - 12 m2 / l depending on the type of wood:

Ribbed surface - 8 m2 / l

Smooth surface - 12 m2 / l

Canning: 0.9l, 2.7l, 9l

Thinner: Water

Method of application: Brush or spray

Drying time: Dry to dust after half an hour. Re-coat after 2-3 hours. Dry for use after 2 days.

Solids content: About 16%

Specific mass: 1.0 kg / l, ISO 2811


Application conditions: The surface to be treated must be dry, air temperature at least + 5 ° C and relative humidity below 80%.

Preparing for New, Clean Wooden Surfaces:

Clean wooden surfaces from dirt and dust. Moisten slightly with water spray, leave to dry and then sand. Remove dust from sanding.

Preparation for Old dirty and pre-treated wooden surfaces:

Wash the surfaces with Supi Saunapes according to the instructions, rinse and leave to dry. Sand if necessary and remove sanding dust.

Sauna protection:

Stir Supi Sauna Finish appropriately, from time to time as well as during use. Apply one layer of tinted or colorless Soup Sauna Finish on the walls in saunas. Dilute with water if necessary. You can also apply two layers of tinted Supi Sauna Finish diluted 50% with water on the walls in saunas. In this way, the visibility of brush marks is reduced. Apply two coats on wooden surfaces in locker rooms and bathrooms. Dilute the tinted Soup Sauna Finish 20% with water for the first layer, dilute the colorless product if necessary.

Try the product on a piece of wood to make sure the shade of the tinted product is appropriate. The shades are lighter and more transparent than in the tone chart, when the product is diluted. The final shade of the surface depends on the type of wood and the number of applied layers. Treat smaller areas at once to avoid overlap; treat large panel areas of 1-2 panels at the same time to achieve a uniform appearance.

Surface treatment: Heat and ventilate saunas before use.

Cleaning tools: Remove excess paint from tools and wash with water. It is recommended to use Tikkurila Pensselipes (tool cleaner) when cleaning the hardened paint from the brush.

Instructions for maintenance

Cleaning at least one month after application, if necessary. Cleaning the surface with Supi Saunapes cleaner (1-2 dl for cleaning in 5 liters of water).

EU VOC 2004/42 / EC - limit value: (cat A / f) 130 g / l (2010)

SAFETY AND HEALTH CLASSIFICATIONS according to Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008

The product is not classified as dangerous. The Safety Data Sheet is available upon request.

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AND WASTE DISPOSAL: Empty cans should be recycled or disposed of in accordance with local regulations. Liquid waste should be disposed of in accordance with local regulations.

The price is per piece
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