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WPC Deking-terrace board ECODECKING Titan

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Color: Venge, Brend: ECODECKING, : Price per square meter (m2),
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EcoDecking Titan terrace decking board is an essentially new recipe and a new product feature. This board is not VPC, but MPK (mineral-polymer composite), which gives this product simply phenomenal properties

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PROMOTION! Place an order through the site and get additional 3% DISCOUNT!


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On-line prodaja WPC Decking - Cena WPC Deking-terrace board ECODECKING Titan 0 RSD Beograd. Karakteristike, opis, prikaz, fotografije za WPC Deking-terrace board ECODECKING Titan. ISPORUKA WPC Deking-terrace board ECODECKING Titan na teritoriji Srbije. Ponuda za WPC Deking-terrace board ECODECKING Titan - Cene na našem sajtu se ažurirjau na svaki sat!
WPC Deking-terrace board ECODECKING Titan
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WPC ECODECKING Titanium decking board

EcoDecking Titan floors are innovative floors made in the EcoDecking Titan profile. Innovation is an essentially new recipe and a new product feature. The fact is that this board is not VPC, but IPC (mineral-polymer composite), in fact the wood flour on this terrace board has been replaced by sandy loam of granite rocks, which gives this product simply phenomenal properties:

  • Color fastness. Unlike VPC, which is characterized by color loss of 0.5 tons due to the presence of natural sugars such as lignin in wood flour. IPC on stone flour that does not fade. After all, granite does not fade at all. On the contrary, the IPC darkens a little and the color becomes more saturated.
  • Strength and permissible load up to 800 kg / m2. The density of VPC is 1300-1400 kg / m2, and MPC is 1800 kg / m2. VPC board with the same profile weighs 2.3 kg / l.m., and MAC - 2.8 kg / l.m. High density means high durability and reliability of floor coverings
  • Low moisture absorption - 0.03%, which is approximately 80-100 times less than for VPC. This feature makes the EcoDecking Titan board ideal for use in the area around the pool or in other places where there is high humidity. One of our clients even put it at the bottom of the font. He's been lying for 3 years. I recently ordered another font to the bottom.
  • Virtually no linear expansion. VPC is characterized by an expansion of 1 mm by 1 m.p. products. Therefore, it is necessary to make gaps of 3 mm and more during installation. MPK board practically does not expand - this means that for a board up to 6 m long, a distance of 3 mm is sufficient (with VPC it would be 6).
  • Improper installation. If you do not have the opportunity to check whether the installers are in accordance with the technology of laying the board, then the probability that even if this board is not installed properly, has worsened.
  • An honest 5-year warranty. 5 year warranty, not lifespan. This means that if we look at the installation technology, we will replace the product for you.
  • Cutting from one board to length according to the dimensions of the customer with a multitude of 50 mm, which allows you to achieve a terrace without seams and significantly save on trimming (up to 10% of the cost of the terrace)

Custom colors:

  • venge
  • graphite
  • сhocolate
  • bronze


  • Fine velvety shine velvet is not brushed. This treatment is the most resistant to wear. However, during the first few weeks, it slides more than other processing methods.
  • Wood embossing gloss - on the flat side of the board, a embossing pattern is applied that imitates annual wood rings. This surface is less resistant to scratches, but has a rich appearance. This surface is easier to clean and easier to remove dirt. Such a surface is more saturated in color.
  • Finely ground roller - on the surface of the cords, the upper glossy layer is selected with the help of special brushes, as a result of which matte and micro roughness appear. Sanded surface with increased resistance to scratches and almost impossible slipping.
  • Brushing for wood brushed - on the smooth surface of the board the top glossy layer is selected with special brushes, which results in dullness and micro roughness. The brushed surface has increased the resistance to scratches and it is almost impossible to slip. Then the texture of wood grains is applied to this sanded surface.
  • Smooth sanded surface - the smooth surface of the board is sanded to provide greater resistance to scratches and abrasion. It turns out, as if it were an old surface. Such finishing is perfect for high-tech, attic or vintage interiors.


  • 68% - granite flour;
  • 26% — HDPE;
  • 6% — color and functional additives of high light fastness, ensuring the durability of the product.

All physical and chemical properties of the floors are covered by a two-year manufacturer's warranty. At the same time, the lifespan without additional processing is up to 25 years! Depending on the conditions of use.

All products are certified.

Material consumption for 1 m²:

  • Terrace board - 7.14 per meter.
  • Lining profile (substructure) - 2.7 m.

Mounting buckle - 21 pcs

Standard dimensions

25 х 140 х 3000, 4000, mm 

Board area

0.42/0,66 м²

In 1 m²

7,14 l.m.

Libra 1 l.m.

2,8 kg

Libra 1 м²

20 kg

Number of plates in the package


Total package weight


Board area

0.42/0,56 m²

Volume 1 plate

0,00105/0,0014 m3

Working temperature

-45˚…+70˚ C

Water absorption

ne više od 2 kg / m²

Maximum load

do 500 kg / m²

Amount in a package:
  • 4 pcs
Price per square meter (m2)
Proportions (mm):
25 x 140
Length (m):
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