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Sauna during a cold - Benefit or Harm?

Sauna during a cold - Benefit or Harm?

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During respiratory infections and mutating viral infections, people increasingly visit saunas for prevention and  treatment. Some go to the steam room already with a slight runny nose or weakness in the hope that the steam will drive away the disease. Is this correct? How to go to the sauna to get sick less often? 

Experts answer these questions. 

When is it better to abandon the sauna? I want to protect those who love saunas from mistakes . Of course, healing wet steam in a steam room is a real panacea, but it is effective only at the initial and final stages of recovery.

If the disease is in full swing, body pain is felt, fever is rising, headache and weakness, herpes has appeared on the lips, sauna can make the condition even worse.  And if you're wondering, "Is it possible to go to a steam room with a cold?" The answer is unambiguous, no.

Instead of iron relief, the condition can get worse and a person risks getting complications: pneumonia, bronchitis ... Another high risk of high temperature in the sauna is triggered by the cardiovascular system. In other words, you can earn heart attack!

Conclusion: in the middle of a cold, give up going to the steam room.

When a sauna is useful for colds ?

It will be better and more accurate to go to the sauna in the early stages of the cold, when there is already a runny nose, itching in the nose, there is a slight pain in the body, but the temperature is normal, no coughs, chest pain. Warm steam saunas contribute to dynamic perspiration - and this is the main thing in the fight against disease. But after you sweat well, it is recommended to wash off the sweat with warm water (not cold, as is done in the absence of cold symptoms).

We recommend using sauna brooms that literally “eliminate the common cold”. As a result of this massage, blood circulation improves, the cells are saturated with oxygen and the immune system is activated. As a result, in one session in the bath the protective properties of the body increase. According to doctors, with active blood circulation, the body naturally produces 20-25% more white blood cells, which are the basis for the fight against pathogenic microbes..


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