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Board for mounting larch terraces

Board for mounting larch terraces

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Natural features of the board for floor installation on the terrace, by the pool, in the larch sauna

The widespread use of decking larch boards due to the unique natural properties of this material. A larch floor board will last you for at least 50 years. The strength of larch boards is comparable to oak. The structure of wood does not allow moisture to be absorbed and has water-repellent properties. Under the influence of water, the boards of larch "stone".

All Venice is built on stilts of larch and is still standing.

Larch products have the following properties:

  • original textural drawing does not need additional decoration or drawing patterns or special coating;
  • wood accumulates daytime heat and does not cool at night;
  • larch boards are resistant to temperature changes and increased humidity levels;
  • the tree structure does not allow wood pests to spoil larch products with pests.

Use of decking

Terraced larch plank is used for arranging platforms around the pool, building garden paths and gazebos, manufacturing stairs and garden furniture, arranging saunas and baths, making floorings for terraces, moorings, and balconies.

Types of decking

Larch terrace board is made of two types, smooth and with anti-slip surface . For ease of installation, the sides of the boards have longitudinal grooves. Safety and comfort during the operation of the larch terrace with anti-slip surface provide longitudinal grooves located at a small distance from each other.


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