Wooden wall cladding in modern decor

Wood is an indispensable material for furnishing the space in which we live, work, create or relax

Siberian Larch is one timeless material that fits into all interior styles

Wooden decorative walls will enhance your home or business space, giving it a more contemporary look.

Siberian larch wall coverings are definitely in the category of exclusive decorative elements. Depending on the finish, color and style of the elements, a certain impression of modern or traditional design is created.

Wall covering construction lining

960 RSD 540 RSD
(Including tax)
12.5 x 90 mm, 90 mm, 12,5 mm, 4 m, Price per square meter (m2),

Thickness 12,5 mm Width 90 mm

Minimum quantity for "Siberian larch lining 12.5x90" is 1.

1 920 RSD
(Including tax)
12.5 x 90 mm, 90 mm, 12,5 mm, 1,9 m, 2 m, 2.1 м, Price per square meter (m2),
Scandinavian pine is not a certain type of pine trees in the system of classification of plants, but plain pine grown under certain conditions.In particular,...

Minimum quantity for "scandinavian pine lining" is 1.

2 040 RSD
(Including tax)
15 x 90 mm, 90 mm, 15 mm, 4 m, Price per square meter (m2),
What can be better than the ideal geometry, natural materials, the fragrance of a living nature? Walking barefoot, touching your fingertips or looking at...

Minimum quantity for "Siberian Cedar Lining" is 1.