linden bench

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For steam bath and sauna equipment linden sweating shelves are the best variant. Burnished linden planks have a lot of healing characteristic. It is made of hardwood and consequently it doesn’t have any resins. Because of this, it doesn’t burn body even if the temperature rises to 60 degrees. Linden is a honey plant, everybody knows white honey. The sweating shelf inherits this characteristic. If to pour over the sweating shelf with hot water, in several minutes there will be white honey aroma all around a steam bath. The material keeps this property for several years. Only few people know that it can effectively fight with cellulite. Visiting a steam bath or a sauna, which is furnished with linden, you will forget forever about “an orange peel “on your skin.  About 100 years ago when all people washed in steam baths, nobody even knew about cellulite. Most probably sweating shelves have played not the last role. The traditional plank size is 90 mm width; thickness 25 mm, the length varies from 1m to 3m.
  • 22 x 60 mm
  • 22 x 90 mm
  • 60 mm
  • 90 mm
  • 22 mm
  • 2 m

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