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Saune čistač Harvia

1 440 RSD
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Instructions for use: Wash your sauna with a solution of 1 dl sauna cleanser and disinfectant and 10 litres of water. Wash the wood surfaces with the sponge using the protective gloves. If dirt is embedded in the benches, you can sandpaper it in the direction of the wood fibres using the sandpaper. After washing, rinse the wood surfaces with water and dry them carefully. Heating up the sauna speeds up the drying process.Protecting the wood surfaces with paraffin oil reduces the amount of moisture and dirt absorbed by the wood and enhances the shades of the wood surfaces. Paraffin oil is suitable for all wood surfaces, and, particularly, for heat-treated wood and alder surfaces. Test the oil on the undersurface of a bench first to see how the wood shade changes and whether the new shade is what you want. Wood is always unique, and the end result can be affected by things like the age, porosity and original shade of the surface.The wood surfaces must be completely dry before you start the treatment. Put the gloves on to protect your hands, pour the paraffin oil onto the sponge and spread it evenly. Let it stand for ½ - 1 hour and then wipe the surface dry if necessary. Heating up the sauna speeds up the drying process.

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