Lining from Linden

ARIXSHOP Price per square meter (m2),
3 600 RSD
(Including tax)

Minimum quantity for "Lining from Linden" is 1.

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Linden liner board is an economical finishing material with a lively wood structure and honey aroma.

Linden lining is a quality material for plating, which is manufactured in accordance with European standards. Due to the wide connection, the formation of cracks and the appearance of condensate are eliminated.

Due to its low heat capacity and density, this material is suitable for finishing baths and saunas. One of its main advantages is, of course, its chic appearance.

Beautiful color and vibrant wood structure give this material an extra chic and expensive look. Apart from the fact that the price of linden lining is affordable, and it has an attractive appearance, its advantages are not limited to this.

In linden wood there is no resin, which is a positive factor in the finishing of baths and saunas. Also, the resin will not stand out on the walls and drip from the ceiling.

Due to its low density and heat capacity, it is strongly heated and, as a result, burns when touched.

Lipa is a very high-quality material, capable of maintaining its positive physical properties and appearance for a long time without additional chemical treatment. And from the darkening or pollution, formed over time, you can easily get rid of using ordinary grinding.

For bath lovers, the pleasant honey aroma of lime clapboard will be an additional advantage that can soothe the nervous system and relax.

  • 12.5 x 90 mm
  • 90 mm
  • 12,5 mm
  • 1,9 m
  • 2 m
  • 2.1 м

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