Larch floorboard 21x115

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Larch floorboard is a very simple variant of creating beautiful, long-term and ecological floor.Nowadays, the variety of floor coverings really boggles the imagination: laminated flooring is cheap and practical, polymeric material floors are simple for laying and easy to use. But neither of them can compare with wooden floor. Natural wood is reliable, wear-resistant and eco-friendly, but the price is pretty much comparable with all other variants. The most popular now is larch floorboard. You can create a beautiful and long-term flooring with it! Larch cut has a very nice pattern and floors become really picturesque with it. Designers adore this material, as it provides the space for an artist’s imagination. The larch wood has a very clear cut pattern; by the way, it may have different shades. Such qualities can create original interior solutions and larch floor surface will surely attract attention and will gratify by its beauty and nobility, bringing the feeling of luxury and uniqueness to every room.   Larch floorboard is very firm and long-term. It perfectly copes with climatic and biological impacts. The larch almost never rots due to its gummy mastic. It is highly resistant to mechanical damages, because it is as firm as oak, the material which is much more expensive. Due to natural beauty of the material, larch floors do not need painting. They are resistant to high temperature variations without getting deformed. This wood is not negatively influenced by water and that is why the flooring will fit rooms with high humidity (a shower, a steam bath room) and also outdoor places (a summerhouse, a porch and a terrace) where there are often atmosphere precipitations. Larch timber is a source of health. There is a great amount of phytoncides – natural antiseptics which can prevent virus and cold related illnesses, and they can even lower blood pressure. Larch floorboard is extremely easy for laying. The main condition is an even base. Those can be beams, put on underlayment, or draft plywood floor or even old wooden floor. To avoid shades between the nearest planks, they are usually laid “along the light”, perpendicularly to the window, and they are fixed by drywall screws. The planks should be of the same size and should perfectly fit each other; there shouldn’t be any airspace between them. As such holes will not bring any coziness to the room. The wood is easily processed with wax or polish, with the help of which you can change the shade or even floor colour. Under the condition of correct preparation and laying , larch covering can serve unlimitedly long time.
  • 21x115 mm
  • 115 mm
  • 21 mm
  • 6 m

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