TYLO Steam 9 VA-K

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A powerful, fully automatic steam generator with a large water tank, which makes it ideal in public facilities. Requires connection to electricity and water supplies. Convertible 1-phase/3-phase. The table on the right gives details of the appropriate output for the size and wall finish of your steam room. IP rating: IP45. Add your choice of control panel.Property name Value Model 9VA-K Output, (kW) 9 Dimensions width, (mm) 570 Dimensions height, (mm) 485 Dimensions depth, (mm) 224 Weight, (kg) 15 Recommended steam room size, (m3) 4 -24 With ventilation (m3) 6 - 16 Without ventilation (m3) 13 - 24 LIGHT WALL (acrylic, tempered glass)   With ventilation (m3) 4 - 10 Without ventilation (m3) 7 - 16 HEAVY WALL (stone, concrete)   With ventilation (m3) 4 - 10 Without ventilation (m3) 7 - 16 Steam output capacity, (kg/h) 12 Supply voltage, phase 400V 3N~ Connection cable, (mm2) 5 x 2,5 Additional information Standby function and automatic clean rinses are standard.

Installation and operating instructions with checklist for faults (tylo_парогенератор.pdf, 2,416 Kb) [Download]

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