Lacquer Rhenocoll Aquatop 4201 Klassik 14

13,90 €

13,90 € per 1 l

Rhenocoll Aquatop 4201 Klassik, parquet lacquer, colorless, water-based

Rhenocoll Aqua- Klassik Industrial product

Specification: Single component combination lacquer based on acrylate. Ready for use. Suitable as a primer and top coat. For surface treatment of stairs, wooden parquet, cork parquet, floorboard, furniture and all kinds of interior woods. For medium to strong durability on floor area. Aquatop 4201 Klassik tested according to EN 71 (suitable for children’s toys) and DIN 53 160 (sweat und saliva-resistant). Resistant to water and usual cleaning agents. Water-based, eco-friendly.

Application: By brush, roll, spray device

For professional use.

Properties: In-can preservation

Delivery form / Color: transparent, colorless

Degree of gloss: Nr.: 12 = semi-glossy  (standard)    Nr.: 14 = semi-matt (per request)

Subsurface: Stairs and parquet floors, wooden floorboard of soft and hard wood. Veneered panels, chipboards, MDF

Follow-up treatment: Aquaseal 4201 Klassik can be used as a primer and top coat.

Consumption: 100- 120 ml/mper application. 3- 4 coats recommended.

VOC 2010: Cat. E / base wb / max value 130 g/L / actual value 110 g/L

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Lacquer Rhenocoll Aquatop 4201 Klassik 14

Lacquer Rhenocoll Aquatop 4201 Klassik 14

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