Rhenocryl Aqua Nova Lazur 52S

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13,40 € per 1 l

Rhenocryl 52 S, Aqua Nova, translucent wood protection varnish

Rhenocoll Aqua-Klassik product

Specification: Thin-layer forming varnish with high solids content, water-based, for interior and exterior wood without earth contact, timber houses (block board and wood panelling), block house, beams, balconies, terraces (decks), fa?ade panelling, cladding, construction elements, windows and doors. For garden timber, pergola, wooden screens, fences. Offers high UV protection through its pigmentation, acts equalizing, ecologically friendly and of neutral odour. Fast drying. Emphasises the natural grain, lets wood breathe, features prentive chemical wood protection. Two to three coats give a sufficient finish.

Application: By brush, coating machines, technical processing.

Features: Preventive chemical protection according to EN 152.1 (blue stain) and EN 113 (rot). Free from PCP, lindane and mercury compounds. Concentration active agent: 0,5% propiconazole.

Colour: Colorless and translucent wood colours, according to colour chart: Design Collection 1 (Rhenodecor).

Degree of gloss: Silk-gloss.

Substrate: All soft- and hardwood.

Pre-treatment: Impregnation with Rhenocryl TL 30, if a chemical wood protection is required.

Further treatment: Several coats with Rhenocryl 52 S, Aqua Nova possible, 2- 3 coats are recommended.

Or with a water-based, layer-forming varnish. Especially with the Rhenocoll „Klassik“ coating system.

Consumption: ca. 120-160 ml/m(quantity needed for effectiveness).

VOC directives 2010: Cat. E / base wb / max. value 130 g/L / actual value 16 g/L

BAuA No.: N-42087

Use biocides safely. Always read labelling and product information before use.

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Rhenocryl Aqua Nova Lazur 52S

Rhenocryl Aqua Nova Lazur 52S

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