cedar lining

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56,00 € per m2

Cedar lining is related to elite finishing materials. This unique kind of pine wood is often called a red cedar. Cedar liningis related to elite finishing and building materials. The wood has a distinctive look: the colour varies from amber-yellow to rich red-brown colours.  Warm colours are complemented by smooth fine wood texture and a special satin shine. The material has very nice wear proof and moisture resistant rates. Only oak liningcan compare with it according to these rates.

Cedar euro lining– nobility, long life, grace and prestige.

Cedar euro liningsurely has a lot of advantages, which are of primary meaning for picky and demanding customer. For instance:

- this material is not afraid of termites  and other wood pests;

- cedar liningdoesn’t rot even after long moisture influence;

- thermophysical characteristics of cedar liningsignificantly accede the analogical rates of larch liningother pine wood;

- the material is easily processed: the liningholds nails very well, at the same time its damaging and checking are excluded, it doesn’t lose its sizes while processing;

- presence of very little amount of technical resin, which can be easily taken away while heat processing;

- in case of fire, cedar liningburns very slowly, the fire doesn’t spread quickly, which is incontestable advantage.


Due to low density and high ventilating ability, cedar is the most ideal material for building saunas.  Saunas’ heating up time is 3-5 times less, than in those, built of hardwood. Cedar wood is often used as building material for elite furniture customized manufacturing. Many manufacturers while making cedar constructions, recommend using fixing of aluminum and stainless steel – balanced and strong composition. Cedar liningis strong and light, it is easy to be processed. It is an optimal variant for all purposes, where the primary meaning have elegant appearance, long life and resistance to environment impacts.

Cedar is an environmental friendliness, your health and comfort.

Cedar resin is very useful for different organism systems; it makes a good impact on people. This wood naturally decontaminates the air in rooms, saturating it with useful ethereal oils and unique balm aroma. Due to these natural characteristics cedar is used in inner finishing works for work and rest.

We can’t help mentioning one disadvantage of cedar lining, which limits its mass usage. It is its price. The information which you can find in the internet about cedar liningprice can frustrate, but believe, this material costs such financial expenses. It is true that cedar liningprice is not low, but it is the case when people say that good things can’t cost cheap, but you get much more having spent the money for it.

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cedar lining

cedar lining

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