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Construction beam (Larch glued timber)

Lesobalt LLC The price is per piece,
10 890 RSD
(Including tax)
In stock

Minimum quantity for "Construction beam (Larch glued timber)" is 1.

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Kupite Construction beam (Larch glued timber) u online prodavnici d.o.o "M.ARIS BEST" - po povoljnoj ceni. Construction beam (Larch glued timber): karakteristike, pregledi, opis, prikaz, fotografije. Širok asortiman proizvoda.

Price 1250  per cubic meter (m3) 

 Siberian larch  is the only pine tree whose wood is considered to be a hardwood. The firmness of the wood according to Brinell is 3,2 (oak has 3,9). That is why buildings of this larch last for centuries. There are a lot of buildings made of larch, whose age is over 500 years. (one of the examples is in Venice; the other example are pilings of the Trojan bridge over the Danube).The growing conditions of the larch in Baikal and the Angara and Yenisei river regions make the wood ecologically pure and it doesn’t contain any allergens. During the whole exploitation period it releases phytoncides, which prevent viral infections and colds and wonderfully affect nervous system while inhaling.The principlal of glued beam manufacture is gluing planks gathered in packets (slats), dried beforehand, planned and sorted. Pinewood is mostly used for manufacturing such planks, pine and larch in particular.

  • 100 x 100 mm
  • 110 x 110 mm
  • 120 x 120 mm
  • 130 x 130 mm
  • 140 x 140 mm
  • 160 x 120 mm
  • 200 x 120 mm
  • 200 x 80 mm
  • 40 x 120 mm
  • 40 x 145 mm
  • 50 x 145 mm
  • 90 x 90 mm
  • 100 mm
  • 110 mm
  • 120 mm
  • 130 mm
  • 140 mm
  • 145 mm
  • 80 mm
  • 90 mm
  • 100 mm
  • 110 mm
  • 120 mm
  • 130 mm
  • 160 mm
  • 200 mm
  • 40 mm
  • 50 mm
  • 90 mm
Lesobalt LLC, Kaliningrad
  • 6 m

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