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Projects made of our own materials

Joiner's plank from Arish

• Arixshop manufactures carpentry boards in the Eastern Siberia region of Russia. The raw material is a log with a diameter of over 35 cm.

• Our company has modern equipment for wood processing.

• The board is dried in a convection drying chamber.

• Our partner is the transport company SrboExport, which picks up the finished product in Siberia and delivers it directly to Belgrade.

• Each series of our board is of controlled quality and is reflected in a centralized database.


Carpenter's board is used in the production of window wood, carpentry, furniture making, construction, creating wooden objects in art.

It is not difficult to buy a carpenter's board, it is important that it is of high quality. That is why Arixshop carefully monitors all phases of cutting and processing wood..

84 000 RSD
(Including tax)
30 x 105, 35 x 150, 30 x 125 mm, The price is per cubic meter (m3),

Larch Joinery Board is widely used in furniture production and construction. Larch joinery is the safest material for interior use, construction of buildings, roofs, fences, floors, as well as for the production of furniture.


Minimum quantity for "Carpenter's board from Larch 35x150, 30x105/125" is 1.

90 000 RSD
(Including tax)
32 x 125, 32 x 72, 32 x 93 mm, 6 m, The price is per cubic meter (m3),

Siberian Larch Radial Cutting Board is widely used in the production of parquet, wooden windows, load-bearing structures.


Minimum quantity for "Radial cut board 32 x 125, 30 x 105/155" is 1.