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Oil for wooden floors in damp rooms - Supi Floor oil 1l

2 400 RSD
(Including tax)

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Oil for wooden floors in damp rooms - Supi Floor oil 1l

Suitable for protecting raw wood or surfaces previously coated with oil in indoor damp rooms. Also suitable for heat treatment and solid wood

Suitable for use on wooden floors and planks.


Wooden floors and planks in saunas, locker rooms and bathrooms.

Color Palette: Colorless. Tinting in accordance with the Interior Wood Stains and Lacquers tone map.

Building material (show class): M1


8 - 15 m2 / l depending on the porosity of the surface:

Ribbed surface - 8 m2 / l

Smooth surface - 15 m2 / l

Canning: 0.9l

Thinner: Water

Method of application: Brush or sponge.

Drying time: The surface is dry after a couple of hours. Ready to use after 2 days. The porosity and amount of wood oil applied affects the drying time.

Specific mass: 1.0 kg / l, ISO 2811


Application conditions: The surface to be treated must be dry, air temperature at least +5°C and relative humidity below 80%.

Preparation: Unpainted surfaces: Clean wooden surfaces from dirt and dust. Moisten slightly and after drying sand with sandpaper no.230 to remove loose wood fibers. Remove dust from sanding.

Surfaces previously treated with wood oil: Wash surfaces with Supi Saunapes according to the instructions, rinse and leave to dry. Sand if necessary and remove sanding dust. Remove loose parts with a scraper or steel brush. If a film remains visible on the surface, remove it before treatment.

Coating: Stir well with Supi Floor oil before and during use. Apply once with a brush or sponge firmly so that all the oil is evenly absorbed into the wood. Wipe off excess oil from the surface after 30 minutes. Apply evenly with continuous strokes along the entire length of the board to avoid overlapping. Oil treatment darkens the wooden surface. Heat and ventilate saunas before use. Maintenance treatment when necessary. Surfaces exposed to constant moisture require maintenance at appropriate intervals.

Cleaning the tool: Clean the tool with soap and water. It is recommended to use Tikkurila Pensselipes (tool cleaner) when cleaning the hardened paint from the brush.

Maintenance instructions: Clean the new surface carefully after a week. If needed, the surface can be cleaned gently with a soft brush or cloth after 2 days of work. Clean the surface with Supi Saunapes cleaner (1-2 dl of cleaner in 5 liters of water) at the earliest after a month, so that the product achieves its final strength and durability.

SAFETY AND HEALTH CLASSIFICATIONS according to Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008: The product is not classified as dangerous. The Safety Data Sheet is available upon request.

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AND WASTE DISPOSAL: Avoid discharge to sewers, water systems and soil. Empty cans should be recycled or disposed of in accordance with local regulations. Liquid waste should be disposed of in accordance with local regulations. Danger of self-ignition. There is a risk of self-ignition of the cloths or paper towels used for cleaning. Waste of this type should be collected and disposed of in water before destruction, or dried outside or incinerated immediately.

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