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Projects made of our own materials

TIKKURILA - Ecological Protection for Walls and Ceilings in Saunas and Baths

Clean and Ecological

Tikkurila products are classified as environmentally friendly materials of class M1. The composition is practically odorless and does not emit harmful substances into the air, even when heated. Waxy surfaces are easy to keep clean.

Contains Natural Wax

Even heat-treated wood inside saunas and baths needs protection. Tikkurila wax-based protective compound penetrates deep into the wood, forming a natural surface that repels water and dirt.

For All Types of Wood

Whatever type of wood you choose to build, mother-of-pearl glaze will decorate and protect the finished surface. The glaze can be applied to external logs, sawn and planed wooden surfaces, as well as to wood treated with pressure and heat treated.

1 440 RSD
(Including tax)

Finishing coating for Walls and Ceilings in Saunas, Changing Rooms and Bathrooms.

Not suitable for bench treatment.

In stock

1 800 RSD
(Including tax)

RECOMMENDED USE: Sauna benches, wall panels and ceilings, doors and window frames. Finished shades of black, white and gray. & Nbsp; & nbsp; Gloss level - Undefined

Canning: 0.225 l, 0.9 l, finished shades 1/3 l and 1 l

In stock

2 500 RSD
(Including tax)

Acrylic tinting finish with pearl shine, for interior wooden surfaces in saunas. For Walls and ceilings in saunas, locker rooms and bathrooms. Treatment of interior surfaces in damp rooms. Not suitable for bench treatment.

In stock

2 400 RSD
(Including tax)

Paraffin protective oil for wooden surfaces against moisture and dirt. For unprotected or oil-treated wooden saunas in saunas.


All TIKKURILA products are made from natural ingredients. They protect the wood from various influences and emphasize its beauty and natural color. The treated surface is aesthetically perfect and user-friendly.

The oil fills the pores of the wood, fills them and prevents the absorption of water and other liquids. Oil does not close the wood, the surface remains permeable to water vapor and its natural humidity adapts to the environment, which treated gives the surface a natural touch.

The surface of the wood is waterproof after coating with oil.

TIKKURILA oils do not create a protective film and therefore regular care of oil-coated surfaces is essential to preserve the beauty of the wood.