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TIKKURILA - Ecological Protection of Wooden Facades

Will you paint the facade of your house?

Wood is the only living material that requires careful maintenance. Proper protection of wooden facades will help your home look great for many years to come. In this section, you can choose materials for the protection of wood and wooden facades.

First you have to remove the old peeling paint and dirt from it, so that the new coating lies flat and lasts a long time. Thorough cleaning of wooden facades before painting is the first step to a great result!

The maximum degree of protection and durability of a wooden facade is achieved when a two-level protection system is used. Contains primer for wooden facades and top coat. Depending on the application technology and the quality requirements of the wood substrate, this system provides a coating life of up to 15 years.

4 536 RSD
(Including tax)

Maintaining wooden outdoor areas, fences and garden furniture is now easier than everю Effective for the protection of external logs, sawn and planed wooden surfaces, wooden boards and wood impregnated with pressure. It is not suitable for the treatment of horizontal surfaces exposed to the increased influence of water, nor for the treatment inside the greenhouse.

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