Facade panel made of Iroko 25x75x2000/3000

Price per square meter (m2),
8 388 RSD
(Including tax)
Weight: 6 kg

Minimum quantity for "Facade panel made of Iroko 25x75x2000/3000" is 1.

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In the green state, the core is yellow, but under the action of light it quickly acquires a golden brown color. The sapwood is narrow, 50-75 mm wide, clearly delimited. Fibers are usually confused-spliced. The texture is large but uniform. The density of dry wood is on average 660 kg / m3.

Sometimes in the grooves and grooves, there are deposits of calcium carbonate, called "stones". Often, such deposits become overgrown with wood and become invisible before sawing, although the wood around them may be darker, thus indicating the presence of deposits.

Iroko is characterized by excellent mechanical properties, comparable to tick, although inferior to it in bending strength and compression along fibers. Very resistant breed.

Iroko wood is well handled by most tools, although it greatly blunts their cutting edges, especially in the presence of lime deposits. Due to crookedness when processing radial cuts, scoring of fibers is possible To obtain a smooth surface, it is usually necessary to reduce the cutting angle to 15 °.

High-quality surface finish contributes to the use of fillers. Well takes and holds nails.

Technical characteristics of Iroko:

Density - 670 kg / m3

Hardness (Brinell) - 3.5

Hardness (according to Monnin) - 4.2

  • 25 x 75 x 2000 mm
  • 25 x 75 x 3000 mm

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